Police give stray dog to someone without checking microchip registration! #FernsLaw

Natalie Duck turned to Facebook when her dog Dyson got lost.

‘Please can everyone share Dyson got out earlier. He took himself to the Esplanade, Rochester and the police were called. I’ve called the police and they got re-united with owner on their records. I’m hoping that someone has taken him in to look after him.’

UPDATE The police have handed Dyson over to someone claiming he’s theirs. He’s CHIPPED and registered to me. I need to find out who has him ASAP.

Dyson’s microchip is 100% registered to me, correct address. 3 phone numbers on account – me, my husband and mum!

The police have definitely handed him over to someone else. They have an address so I’ve asked they go and get him back tonight, even if they have to keep him in a kennel until the morning so they can scan him.

I’M ON MY WAY TO GO AND GET HIM, the police went to pick him up. Thank you so much to every that shared, commented, messaged me. I’m so happy x

Luckily for Natalie she has her dog back home thanks to social media and the public’s help!

Why isn’t it compulsory to check microchip registration? Because it’s not a legal requirement – it’s time to make it compulsory to scan and check microchip registration on original database. Please sign #FernsLaw petition, what’s the point of making it compulsory to microchip our pets if no one is made to check them?


Natalie went on to say ‘ It definitely highlights the need to make sure microchip details are kept up to date and lost dogs are scanned as a priority. It’s unfortunate he’s lost the tag from his collar and I haven’t been able to replace it yet, but I never thought you could just claim a dog without proof of ownership. I’m grateful the police took their address and managed to retrieve him. ‘