Do you recognise Ruby? Difficult anniversary today for her family #FernsLaw

Dearest Ruby followers, today is another difficult day that I hoped I wouldn’t see.

It’s 2 years since Ruby left us. It seems incredible, firstly to think this has happened to us, it’s the sort of thing you read about on Facebook!

Secondly she hasn’t been found and we still don’t know what happened to her.

Today I find myself reliving every moment of this day two years ago and wishing I hadn’t done this or that and she would still be here ruling the house!

I think about her every day, remembering how she would snuggle so close under the duvet until we were both so hot but still wouldn’t move!

She still appears in my dreams running with her tail high full of life and fun.

I will never stop looking for her and I know you won’t either and that gives me great comfort.

In these difficult times I ask you take care of yourself and loved ones both four and two legged.

Please dedicate your walk or whatever you do today to Ruby’s memory. Post a photo of yourselves doing something today, it’s always lovely to see you all! And make a small donation if you can afford to, to our amazing NHS.

If you can’t, just do something kind for others. I believe if we spread love and kindness it will come back to us tenfold and maybe one day my little girl will find her way back to me. Love to you all and stay safe. Xxx

Ruby missing since 5th May 2018
From Amersham, Buckinghamshire
Call: 07912 417169


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You can help all missing microchipped pets get home by just signing #FernsLaw petition, making it compulsory to check microchip registration to reunite dogs and cats:-

Ruby missing since 5th May 2018
From Amersham, Buckinghamshire
Call: 07912 417169