Halo Microchip Scanner

Vets Get Scanning fully endorses this amazing microchip scanner which brings microchipping technology up to date and will give hope to thousands of heart broken owners who are still looking for their missing microchipped dogs and at an unbeatable price!  Missing dogs registered on the Petlog and Doglost databases feed the Halo Microchip Scanner directly.  Microchip databases, Anibase, PetTRAC,  and PetProtect are still thinking about it but as most missing pets are registered on Doglost, they will automatically be directed to the Halo.

Nick Smith from Halo Scanner has told us:-

We have developed a new microchip scanner called the Halo and it has all the capabilities of a normal scanner but also immediately tells vets / charities / shelters etc if an animal has been reported to us as lost or stolen. The display on the scanner has two lines so one line is the normal chip number and the second line comes up as “REPORTED MISSING” when it recognises a reported chip number. As the scanner is recharged from a computer, it downloads all the missing chip numbers from our database across the internet.

We have deliberately priced the scanner at a cheap price so that there is no excuse for vets etc to say that they are too expensive to have one in each consultation room. We were told at the exhibition that actually this is cheaper than the cost of repairing their existing scanners and so instead of getting them repaired they will purchase the Halo instead!

We launched the product at BSAVA and WSAVA a couple of weeks ago in Birmingham. This exhibition is the largest for the UK and this year it was also the world congress (hence WSAVA) at the same time, so we had a huge market to launch it to.
I am really pleased to say that everyone loved the scanner and because of it’s price (the cheapest on the market) we have secured orders for them into a number of practices as well as some of the very large vet chains. We also have secured their availability through some of the UK and European largest wholesalers.
We would love to have some feedback from you on the website etc. After all it was all down to you and your hard work that made us aware of the problem!
The scanners are available now!
For information on the Halo Scanner please go to :- http://www.pettechnologystore.com/buyuk.htm

The Halo microchip scanner – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is different about this scanner?
An otherwise traditional microchip scanner, the Halo will immedidately alert the operator if the microchip being scanned belongs to an animal that has been reported missing. It is also currently the most economically priced scanner on the market.

2. What is Scanner Angel?
Scanner Angel is a unique database of the microchips of lost or stolen animals which is downloaded to the Halo scanner and updated every time the Halo is connected to a laptop or PC.

3. What microchips does the Halo scanner read?
The Halo scanner will read all 15 digit (FDX-B) microchips and 10 digit (FDX-A FECAVA) microchips. The 15 digit microchips are those that are used throughout all of Europe and most of the world. The 10 digit microchips were used in the UK about 15 years ago and are common in the USA. The Halo will NOT read AVID-Encrypted microchips or the 10 digit Trovan microchip, these chips are normally only used in the USA.

4. Does the Halo scanner need any batteries?
No, the Halo scanner has an internal rechargeable battery which is recharged through the USB connector.

5. How long does the battery last?
The standby time for the Halo scanner is about 2 months or 800 scans.

6. What does it come with?
The Halo scanner is supplied with a 1.8 metre USB lead and a CD for installing the accompanying software onto a Windows compatible PC.

7. What is the software for?
The software that is supplied with the scanner allows the list of missing animals to be downloaded onto the scanner as well as allowing the user to see and copy the microchip numbers that have been scanned by the Halo.

8. How often do I have to plug the Halo in?
Each time the Halo is plugged into the computer it will recharge the battery as well as download the latest missing animals. It is advisable therefore to update the scanner as often as practical however we would recommend plugging it in at least once a week which will not only keep the scanner updated but fully charged.

9. What warranty does the Halo scanner come with?
The scanner comes with a manufacturers one year return to base warranty

10. Does the software work on a Apple Mac?
No unfortunately at the moment the software is for a Windows compatible computer only. We hope to release Apple Mac compatible software later this year.

11. My computer does not have a CD drive, can I download the software?
Yes, the latest software can be downloaded from here.

12. How long do I have to recharge the battery for?
It depends on how flat the battery is but a normal charge from a low battery to full charge is 3.5 hours. If the battery has become completely flat (i.e. the unit will not turn on) then you will need to do 3 lots of 3.5 hour charges, unplugging and re-plugging the USB lead in between each charge. This is because for safety reasons the charging circuit has a safety cut-out timer of 3.5 hours to prevent the battery from over-heating. After the three lots of charges the unit should be completely re-charged.


Please contact us with any queries.