Missing cat Pop was rehomed without a microchip check and now Petlog have changed his microchip registration into the new families name without contacting me #FernsLaw

This is exactly why we started #FernsLaw petition to make it compulsory to check microchip registration on the original database to reunite missing cats and dogs:- https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300010

Burford, Oxfordshire

After a year of my cat going missing I’ve finally found out that Petlog has wiped me of their system of owning him and now put him in someone else’s name. He went missing a year in November his name is Pop. He would be now 4 years old. He was in good condition with a collar on. you could see that he had a home.

Unfortunately Petlog won’t tell me where he is or let the other people know that I’m still looking for him. so if anyone knows where he is can you leave message on here please.
thank you, Laura Marshall.

I phoned petlog up again today and spoke to another lady who found details that Pop did belong to me. But unfortunately someone from Burford took my cat to the rescue centre in Burford who then didn’t let petlog know they had found him and took it to themselves to re-home him. I’ve not yet managed to get through to the rescue centre to find out what happened. All I know is that my cat was a healthy cat with a collar chilling out at his home town and someone took him to the rescue centre. They re-homed him very quickly so I can’t see he was taken there because he was hit by a car or something?

We have advised owner to contact Trevor Cooper at Doglaw who is an ownership dispute expert.