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RIP Harlow, let down by the unregulated microchip system! How many other deceased microchipped pets are left in council freezers? Please sign #FernsLaw petition.

RIP HARLOW: Another family let down by a shambolic microchip system and why we have #FernsLaw petition:- Harlow went missing after being spooked by fireworks on 26th August 2020 in Oldham at 10.45 pm. On Friday, 28th a lady saw a little brown dog deceased on the road. She couldn’t stop then but made… Read More

“Hello Mrs Ferrier. I think we have your dog”, Fern had been stolen 6 years before and Jodie relives that fateful day #FernsLaw

Fern’s return has given hope to many families still searching for their missing microchipped pets, you can help by sharing her story and signing #FernsLaw petition:- Standing in the kitchen, just about to start dinner on an ordinary Wednesday evening. I looked over at my phone and could see a voicemail message had appeared.… Read More

Email your MP to help get the legislation needed to help missing microchipped pets get home: #FernsLaw will protect our pets.

Dear _______MP, I recently signed a petition called #FernsLaw to make it compulsory to scan and check microchip ID to reunite stolen dogs and cats with their rightful families when they attend a veterinary practice or rescue centre with a new family and I’m happy to report it’s reached it’s 100,000 signature target in just… Read More


Please sign and share this petition to make it COMPULSORY to scan and check microchips to reunite stolen pets! Time is running out and it’s our dogs, cats and horses who will ultimately pay the price because we let the microchip system carry on letting pet families down. We have in the past named… Read More

Missing cat Pop was rehomed without a microchip check and now Petlog have changed his microchip registration into the new families name without contacting me #FernsLaw

This is exactly why we started #FernsLaw petition to make it compulsory to check microchip registration on the original database to reunite missing cats and dogs:- Burford, Oxfordshire After a year of my cat going missing I’ve finally found out that Petlog has wiped me of their system of owning him and now put… Read More

Police give stray dog to someone without checking microchip registration! #FernsLaw

Natalie Duck turned to Facebook when her dog Dyson got lost. ‘Please can everyone share Dyson got out earlier. He took himself to the Esplanade, Rochester and the police were called. I’ve called the police and they got re-united with owner on their records. I’m hoping that someone has taken him in to look after… Read More

Hamish is reunited after 2.5 years via his microchip.

HAMISH IS REUNITED AFTER TWO AND A HALF YEARS THANKS TO THE MICROCHIP. ‎Darren Kingsmill‎ to Portsmouth Cats Lost, Found & Rehomed — with Natalie Kingsmill. We posted on here 2.5 years ago, as well as many other lost and found sites about our missing cat Hamish. A very much loved cat who just vanished… Read More