Update on the 22 microchip databases 20 March 2024: #MakeChipsCount #FernsLaw #ScanMe

Don’t let your microchipped dog or cat disappear! Please, for their sake, check their microchip registration.

We have shared many lost dogs and cats with unregistered microchips. Please don’t blame the owners, there are many pitfalls for owners including a fraudulent database, which takes your money. It’s not on the UK Government list and the microchip number you register will read as unregistered when the chip is scanned and the registration is checked. If you are registered on All Paws/ UKPetChipRegistry or PetChipDetails you have been scammed!

You must be registered on one of the following, Government listed databases which meet certain standards. Some are good, some are not so good:

Animal Microchips
Animal Tracker
HomeAgain (Free)
Lost Paws
MicroChip Central
MicroDogID (racing greyhounds only)
My Animal Trace
MyPet (Free to register for microchip implanters)?
National Veterinary Data Service (Veterinary Services only)
Pet Chip Register
Pet Database (Pay what you can) Safety Ping Alerts when microchip is scanned.
Pet Identity UK
Track Your Paws
UK PETtrac MicroChip Database
We Trace Pets

Be warned a couple of big well known databases lost registrations when they updated their systems, with customers still finding out and finding it difficult to make contact! So please double check your pet’s registration is correct.

Most databases will charge you to update your own data.

Most databases make their own microchips.

The microchip implanter will be affiliated to a database depending on the microchips they use.

You can choose and transfer your pet’s microchip to any database.

PetDatabase Pay what you can, with safety ping alerts when microchip is scanned.

Home Again are free to register, transfer and update.

My Pet are offering free microchip registration when microchip implanters use their My Pet microchips. Please check if your customers will have to pay to update information.

Most of the other’s are operating in the same way as before and charge to update or offer a premium one off fee to update for life, average example is £19.95.

Choose carefully but please check: Contact information for each database is in the Government link: https://www.gov.uk/get-your-dog-cat-microchipped

Compulsory cat microchipping becomes law on 10 June 2024.

Defra are looking at ways to improve the current Database mess:

Creating a single point of access for quick access and reunification

Stop third parties from transferring microchip registration on individual databases.

Make sure registered keeper is contacted before transferring to a new keeper.

Making sure there is a code of practice between the databases.

Check that your database offers 24/7 service, with GDPR operators, meaning a microchip can be updated in real time in emergency situations.

*Unregistered microchips can result in your dog or cat being rehomed after seven days or euthanised if not claimed and unable to rehome.