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#FernsLaw point 8:- Statement on bogus UK pet microchip database

SCAM WARNING:- Is your dog, cat, horse or any other domestic pet registered on this microchip database ‘UK Pet Microchip Database’. If your pet is and they go missing in the UK the microchip will show up as unregistered. This could result in your pet being rehomed or put to sleep. To ASA – This… Read More

Fireworks are the biggest cause of spooked and bolting pets disappearing!

Fireworks:- More dogs and cats disappear at this time of year than at any other, sometimes with shocking consequences  after being spooked by fireworks and we fully support this petition to ‘Review firework rules to protect animals from injury and distress’ Please sign:- It’s just another bit of the jigsaw to keep our animals safe.… Read More

#FernLaw: Have Ruby & Beetle been found and kept, Theft By Finding?

Ruby and Beetle disappeared presumed stolen, or picked up and taken (theft by finding) on the 28th December 2018. It is inexplicable that despite all the searching and the thousands of people in our Facebook group all willing to help and look, that we have not had any joy yet to find them. #FernsLaw would… Read More

#FernsLaw petition: Make Scanning and Checking Microchip Registration Law, supported by our dog’s and cats! Take a look

MAKE SCANNING LAW CAMPAIGN SUPPORTED BY OUR DOGS AND CATS! THANK YOU to everyone who has signed and shared #FernsLaw petition:- “Fern Found should be seen as a positive story about perseverance, the fact that pets are family and such bonds are never broken. Never give up! Fern is evidence that the microchipping system… Read More

#FernsLaw: Update from Jodie and why Fern is the figure head to help all missing microchipped pets

My little girl has been battered and bruised. Those teets are well used. The scar from her spay drawing a literal line to mark the end of those days. Her calloused hock joints are no longer ulcerated and weeping and the hair is beginning to cover the area once more. The other bald patches over… Read More

#FernsLaw is too late for Kevin, but his story will help get more petition signatures and warn others. RIP KEV.

This is the first and last photo of me and my furbaby Kevin (aka old velvet) in 2 years. First photo in 2 years because 2 years ago he went missing. Last photo, because this is me picking him up from the vets to take him home to bury him after getting a call saying… Read More