Why do Vets Get Scanning recommend the new FREE microchip database that meets Defra standards? #MakeChipsCount #FernsLaw

There are two problems preventing missing dogs and cats getting back home.

1. Incorrect microchip registration

2. The veterinary profession not checking microchip registration at pets first treatment

You can never underestimate the importance of the correct contact information being held on your microchip registration. There are so many loopholes and a fraudulent database allowed to trade in the UK, what chance is there for pet owners to understand this unregulated industry.

At last we have a database that are putting pet owners first. No charge to register and no charge to upgrade your contact information for life! The first FREE database. Please check them out : https://petdatabase.com


Defra are looking at ways to get microchips doing the job they were intended to do – reunite missing pets!

Defra are going to make a single point of access for authorised personnel to be able to check microchip registration quickly and are working on ways to get the BVA and RCVS to support the microchip system by checking microchip registration at pets first treatment. Keeping everything crossed for their announcement at the end of the year!