RIP Harlow, let down by the unregulated microchip system! How many other deceased microchipped pets are left in council freezers? Please sign #FernsLaw petition.

RIP HARLOW: Another family let down by a shambolic microchip system and why we have #FernsLaw petition:-

Harlow went missing after being spooked by fireworks on 26th August 2020 in Oldham at 10.45 pm.

On Friday, 28th a lady saw a little brown dog deceased on the road. She couldn’t stop then but made her way back 20 mins later and the dog had gone.

She found the appeal to find Harlow on Facebook and contacted the page on Saturday 29th and passed on the information and a picture, she had managed to take.

Rexy contacted local dog wardens and the Council, but because it was the weekend they were either closed, or had no information.

A gentleman called John left a message on Harlow’s Facebook post to say he had picked her up and taken her to Alexandra Park Council Offices in Oldham. Harlow had been scanned and the microchip number was noted but incorrectly written down and no one made the call to inform the family of Harlow’s fate!

On Monday 31st the family had to literally sort through bags of dead animals in freezers to find their baby!

How many other animals are microchipped and left in that freezer?!?

Rexy said “We are devastated at what has happened, not only for the death of our little girl but for how the council handled the situation. They wrote down Harlow’s microchip number wrong so they would of never of contacted me. According to Anibase, Harlow’s owners details were never sought.
If it wasn’t for Heléna from Gizmo’s Legacy, we would of never known where our baby girl was. Unfortunately thrown into a freezer and left there. I’m so angry at Oldham council.”

Please sign #FernsLaw petition to make it compulsory to check microchip ID to reunite missing pets.

These poor owners have gone through hell, not only by losing their beautiful Harlow, but they should have been notified on Friday, when little Harlow’s body was picked up.
We wonder whether they would have ever bothered to contact Rexy, had this John not come forward. How many others pets are in those freezers with microchips who have not been contacted??