Kanta the cat let down by the poor veterinary view on microchips #FernsLaw

RIP KANTA: Microchipped Kanta was taken to the vets deceased. The veterinary practice put him in the freezer and didn’t bother to scan and check microchip ID!

This is one reason why it is so important for veterinary practices to scan and check microchip ID and why #FernsLaw petition is so important to us all: Make it compulsory to check microchips https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300010 (petition closed).

UPDATE: Found Kanta who had been in the freezer of the local vets for a week! If a local man didn’t tell us that he took Kanta there and my son didn’t demand to see the freezer, my little boy was probably never found  Why wasn’t his microchip checked?

Original post:- Can you please help us find our boy, Kanta? Missing since 24/08/20 from Bromham Bedfordshire. He is neutered and chipped. Done everything as advised but no lead so far. Getting desperate.

Our thoughts are with Kanta’s family