George would still be alive today if he’d been scanned by the vet #FernsLaw

This is the story of George a 2 year old Sharpei… had he been SCANNED by the vet… George would still be alive today.

Due to a partnership break up George stayed with the young man, even though he was still chipped to the young lady. The man was offered a job in America and instead of giving George back to his ex girlfriend, he put him on Gumtree for FREE TO A GOOD HOME.

A lady in Essex (who we since found out, gets Dogs for Free and then sells them) drove down to Wales and took George… Once the girlfriend found out, she put a stolen marker on George’s microchip database registration.

A post went out on Facebook for Stolen George and the lady contacted the owner and said George had bitten her when she was trying to buy him a new collar so she had had him PTS… I personally visited Pets at Home and spoke to them who advised me that it was not a bite, just a nip from a frightened dog who had just spent over 4 hours in a car from Wales to Essex with a stranger he did not know, so he was scared.

The owner then found out the vets George was taken to and I on behalf of the owner went to identify his body…NOW…Had the Vet SCANNED GEORGE the chip would have shown STOLEN… Hence the reason we NEED this Petition to reach 100,000 signatures… is the link..


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Thank you…. Valerie Davey

Make it law to scan and check microchips to reunite stolen dogs and cats.