Abused Defra Regulations! Does anyone care or check if microchip databases are running services correctly to help reunite missing pets? This dog has been found and is safe in Urmston.

The Defra approved UK microchip databases are required to run their operations 24/7 in case of emergencies! This little chap is registered on Smart Chip and no one is answering the phone! Anyone recognise him 

Post on Facebook from Debra Carter:

This dog has been found and is safe in Urmston.

Dog is chipped, however Smart chip, who the dog is registered don’t answer the phone, despite holding hours then leaving messages,

If this is your dog? Please contact me and I can pass your details to finder.

Proof of ownership will be needed before this dog is handed to anyone.

And when he’s home? I suggest you have a very strong word with your microchip company

Totally unacceptable! We all want this dog home and they aren’t helping !

Post dated 29th February 2020, dog found in Urmston, a town in Trafford, Greater Manchester, England.