#FernsLaw : Update the current pet microchip system which fails missing pets NEW PETITION

Stolen Fern was reunited after 6 years because she was picked up as a stray and her microchip was checked.

Many missing pets are never reunited with their families because it’s left optional to scan and check microchip registration on the original database to make sure pet and keeper match.

Best practice recommendations by the veterinary professionals, authorities and rescues to check microchip registration is devised to be misleading and is approved by Defra.  You only find out the truth when your pet has disappeared. 

Updates needed:

Check all pets microchip registration on first veterinary practice appointment on original database, before euthanasia and help make sure contact information is up to date.  This should be implemented across the industry as a Standard Operation Procedure. 

One microchip number on one database, to prevent new identity being given to missing and stolen pets.

Databases must not change registration information without contacting the original keeper.  All databases should be working in unison to a Code Of Practice.  

When a microchip is scanned the keeper must be contacted immediately by the database before the missing alert is removed.

Deceased and injured pets on roads and railways must be checked for a microchip.

Seized and hand-in pets must have their microchip registration checked by the authorities and rescues. 

Immediate reunification if a pet is scanned and is registered as missing on original database.

We have microchipped our pets with the expectation to be reunited if the worst happens and they are lost or stolen. If just one organisation is not committed to scan and check microchip registration the whole system fails and is not fit for purpose.

We don’t believe that the Government should only take advice from the British Veterinary Association (BVA) on this issue, as they are at the centre of this injustice and are protecting themselves first and not putting the welfare of the animals or their clients first.

Every missing microchipped pets deserve the right to be reunited with their loving family.

Please sign this petition for change. Thank you. 

Pet theft rate climbs by 51 per cent in four years, sparking calls for new pet scanning laws: https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/9598216/call-new-pet-scanning-laws-beat-pet-thieves/

Dr. Daniel Allen ‘s Spatialities of Dog Theft: A Critical Perspective:- https://www.mdpi.com/2076-2615/9/5/209

Please note that a microchip is not proof of ownership and we are referred to as ‘keepers’ in the Compulsory Dog Microchipping Regulations, which also gives the new keeper the rights to change original registration on a database:- http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukdsi/2015/9780111125243