#FernsLaw: Update from Jodie and why Fern is the figure head to help all missing microchipped pets

My little girl has been battered and bruised. Those teets are well used. The scar from her spay drawing a literal line to mark the end of those days.

Her calloused hock joints are no longer ulcerated and weeping and the hair is beginning to cover the area once more. The other bald patches over her body where she desperately gnawed at her own skin for relief from the constant itch are also fading.

Her little pads are now rough and recovered. The outer layer literally rolled and peeled off when she first came home and was able to run… Run and run and run… Like every dog should if they so desire. So soft and little used they were, the pain was terrible as she limped her way around the field, still smiling, still happy to be free.

The look of fear in her wild little eyes when I bathed and treated her sores is etched in my mind. The slow lick of her lips that told me she was anxious and hurting but knew she must let me help.

She’s lost a kg in weight with nutritious food inside her and not the floor sweepings budget grub she was evidently being given . Her waist is defined and her muscle tone on her back end is returning.

Her coat still has a smell of dirty bedding about it no matter how many baths she has! However it no longer flakes and irritates her which means she can rest when she’s tired and not be kept awake by the itch. The shine it’s taken on really is dazzling.

She is playful, and silly, zooming around the house with her new pal Gus with their toys! Oh the toys! Such a joy to watch.

Like her scars the memories of darker days will fade. We had our past stolen but our future is ours. Precious days ahead to make more lasting memories.

So many pets are out there missing. So many with owners who hold a blanket, a lead, a favourite toy just to feel close to their baby again.

If Fern had of been walked in to that vet with an assumed owner she’d probably never of been scanned. Her microchip registration on the original database  would not have been checked. Her story writing itself in a completely different way. More pain, more discomfort, more worry.

A new face in a vet surgery. A dog with unknown history…why oh why are we letting these opportunities slide? This MUST be happening up and down the country. Unsuspecting folk who bought a dog on Gumtree, of have found a dog and kept it.  Dog thieves don’t steal dogs to love them, they use them, abuse them then dump them, the lucky ones are sold on but we need guarantees that these microchipped pets will be microchipped checked otherwise what’s the point! 

The courts have slapped an owner with a big fine this week for not microchipping his pet Boxer. Who’s making a noise about the people who fail to scan and check details? 
We are…that’s who.!

Because every time I look at a fading scar on my beautiful Fern it reminds me of the pain we both felt. The heartache and unbearable “not knowing”.

We won’t find them all. Thieves will still be hiding pets in dark sheds, in small enclosures so their joints callous and weep and their pads become soft and smooth.

The strays are the lucky ones. If they manage to avoid the perils of the road and railways they might be picked up and scanned. (Not always though!).

If it wasn’t for Jerry, my unsung hero, who stopped his car and scooped this smelly, scared little bundle into the passenger seat would I ever have seen her again?

Not worth thinking about now, but when he messages me to ask how she’s getting on I realise there are so many wonderful people in this world.

The system is lacking, not mankind. The good people far outweigh the bad.

Compulsory chipping ( the revenue maker) is only half the job completed.

Please please.  If any of these words resonate with you, or someone you know, then back #FernsLaw petition and sign:- http://chng.it/Zt48N9qbgZ

I could stop all this now. Go ahead and live my life. My ordeal is fading into memory…. But what about Pup, Rags, Willow, Magic, Rafiki, Hansum, Kemo, Lexi, Teddy, Dana,Steve, Izzy, Zeus and Nala….and the hundreds and hundreds of others.

Just one more reunited by a scanned microchip…that’s worth trying to make a change for isn’t it?


Thank you Jodie for your emotional update, we are so relieved that Fern continues to improve with her loving family around her.  

Ethan pictured with the fabulous Fern. 

FB FernFound 


Stolen Fern was picked up as a stray by the side of a road after missing for 6 years, the pain of not knowing what was happening to her and the heartache never stopping until Jodie received the call that all pet owners long to get!  “We have your dog here!!!!”  The Government introduced the Compulsory Dog Microchipping Regulations to save money on stray dogs, that’s why Fern is home now.  There is no such safety net for stolen and missing pets that have been found and kept or sold on to new unsuspecting new owners.  The Government refuse to make it compulsory to scan and check microchip registration to establish if a dog or cat is lost or stolen!  This is why we need #FernsLaw to update the current microchip system which is failing missing pets.