A rescue has rehomed my dog!

Hi everyone I have posted on here over the years looking for my dog Lucy. She has been missing for over 4 years.

We had many leads and today I have found out she has been found. I am looking for some advice as the microchip company have myself and someone else on file now as a rescue charity rehomed her.

I have all the papers proof she is mine. I am not trying to take her away from her new family but I am absolutely distraught as I have searched for her for years and not stopped even today enquiring and finding her after all these years.

I have sent the microchip company proof she is mine and waiting to confirm it so they can disclose where she is and who is registered.

I have however been warned that this is going to become legally complicated. The charity who rescued her have shut down now but they still can’t give me details until they get the papers etc. Sorry for the long post as you can imagine my son and I ARE JUST OVERWHELMED right now and desperate for any contact with our Lucy x


Lives in Manchester.