Why do we microchip our pets if no one is compelled to scan and check microchip registration?

This is why we started #FernsLaw petition, to get a microchip system that gives all missing microchipped pets a chance to get home, not just pets picked up as strays 💔


Thank you so much to everyone who has shared and helped in our search unfortunately our boy was found dead,

What makes this even harder is Coventry City Council has him for seven days, despite numerous phones and our boy being chipped, if it wasent for information from a member of the public and my persistence we still would not know. He was chipped, I am disgusted with going through seven extra days of hell because of their incompetence, so if anyone else is missing a cat do not give up, we could have had him home within 48 hours

#FernsLaw petition is supporting families searching for their missing microchipped pets, ‪Relying on ‘Best Practice’ advice is a misleading scam 💔 and just can’t be trusted:- http://chng.it/pKPKg255