Why can’t the veterinary profession help pet families check microchip registration? #ScanMe #CheckThatChip

“Battersea has today released its third report on the microchipping of stray dogs. Their survey of 51 Local Authorities in the UK shows that only 65% of the stray dogs found by or taken to these Councils were microchipped and that the proportion of the dogs that were registered with accurate contact details for the keeper had declined from last year. Clearly more needs to be done to ensure that keepers not only get their dogs microchipped but also that their details are kept up to date throughout the life of the dog.” DogLaw 29th August 2018.

Vets Get Scanning have been stressing for years that the Veterinary profession could play a valuable role in helping pet *’keepers’ check that their pets microchip is registered on a UK database with up to date contact details! This will also help find missing and stolen pets that have been flagged as missing on the original database, that have been sold on or kept.

This could be done when the client arrives on the pets first appointment by the receptionist or vet nurse.

Vet Nurse Jody Barry, contacted us with her idea on how vets can help families with stolen pets after her friends had four dogs stolen, one escaped and was run over. Jody said on scanning and checking microchip registration:-

“We’ve found it it very straightforward, the receptionist checks when the client walk through the door and checks details while they’re waiting. Clients are pleased details are checked and grateful if we point out details aren’t up to date. Something that happens regularly. We then just put a visible note on the clients file to say CHIP CHECKED”.

To us this would be a win win situation – WHY can’t the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) use common sense and make scanning and checking microchip registration mandatory. Recommendations as ‘best practice’ are ignored by vets who set their own practice policies. While pet keepers and MPs assume vets are carrying out this simple procedure, and even George Eustice, Defra Minister said at the Pet Theft Debate in Parliament, July’18 that he ‘presumed’ vets were checking microchips!

*keepers’ In the Microchipping Of Dogs Regulations we are keepers not owners, keeper means where the dog resides.

#ScanMe #CheckThatChip #PetTheftReform #DoItForDaisy.

Battersea’s press release COMPULSORY MICROCHIPPING TWO YEARS ON: MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE TO GET DOGS HOME:- https://www.battersea.org.uk/compulsory-microchipping-two-years-more-needs-be-done-get-dogs-home