We love a happy ending – Better late than never! Thank you Dr Kendal Shepherd for going that extra mile

Thought I’d share a ‘good news’ DDA story for a change.

Towards the end of last year, I was asked to assess a Jack Russell terrier called Badger (no need that I can see to hide his real name) alleged to have been dangerously out of control and bitten someone. His current owner had already been disqualified by the court from owning dogs but, owing to Badger’s impeccable behaviour in kennels and his sweet nature, both the kennels and the police officers involved thought he may have a chance of being rehomed, initially via a ‘reputable charity’.

I duly assessed him outdoors on a very cold and rainy day and, despite the adverse conditions and the provocations entailed of necessity in the assessment, could find no reason at all why he should not be suitable for adoption.

During my assessment, as is my routine, I scanned him for a microchip. The registered details confirmed that he was not the 8 years old as assumed by the current owner, but 13. I duly phoned the number on the chip and, to my immense surprise, found the original owner – a working terrier man who had given Badger away in all good faith as a runt-of the-litter puppy to a boy who fell in love with him.

Hearing Badgers current fate and that he needed a home, he without hesitation said he’d have the dog back to live out his remaining years in comfort. The Court and the police agreed.

The report I’ve had is that, on his delivery to his new/old home by the police, Badger walked in, licked the cat and lay in front of the wood burner. (See pic attached.)

Many thanks to Leeds Dogs Trust for providing the assessment venue and all involved, including the police, and not least his original owner, in bringing this dog’s story (no doubt he’d have a tale to tell if he could!!) to a very happy conclusion.

About Dr Kendal:

Dr. Kendal Shepherd, BVSc., CCAB, MRCVS


Animal Behaviour


Kendal qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Bristol University in 1978, and is certified as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour. 


Kendal is an experienced independent veterinary and behavioural consultant in matters relating to animal welfare and canine behaviour assessment and modification.  Kendal accepts legal instructions in both dangerous dog and animal welfare cases.  For information regarding legal instructions, please click here