Police, warden and rescue fail to check microchip registration and Riya is rehomed and registration changed! #BringRiyaHome #MakeChipsCount #FernsLaw #ScanMe

WHY ARE MICROCHIPS IGNORED? Microchipped dog rehomed and registration changed!

20th April 2019 Neha Popat was on her way to her brothers house with her dog Riya.

Riya is 3 year old Labrador retriever. Neha bought her at 8 weeks old.
Neha had recently had a baby and wasn’t coping and was feeling quite frail and ill and she was taking Riya to her brother Alps house to look after her until she felt better.

As she came out of Hackney Downs Station with Riya, Neha turn to go towards her brothers house, Riya close by. Neha said, “She didn’t wander off she was being a normal dog checking and sniffing the area as we walked away from the station. She’s highly friendly. Many stopped by her to pet her and stroke her.

“One moment I think she’s next me and next two women have hold of her and have flagged down a police car lying saying she is a stray!! She was too well kept to be a stray. So I didn’t hesitate I approached the police explaining the situation immediately.”

Riya was secured with Nehas scarf but had excellent recall and was never far from Nehas side. Neha had Riya collar and id tag with her.

The situation in minutes went from Neha and Riya walking to Alps house – to 2 woman and 2 police officers calling Riya a Stray Dog!!!
Neha insisted that this is her dog Riya.

The female uniformed police office insisted “You are not getting your dog back today, you will have to come to the station with all the paperwork to get her.”

Neha protested and told them that Riya is her Therapy dog – Chip registered in her name, therapy status registered with her GP, gave them the Licenced Breeders details to call. Neha was feeling very ill and frail at the time and could not believe what was happening to her.

Despite this the police TOOK HER DOG and waited until a van arrived.
Neha hoping to go with them to the station but they refused. She did not sign anything – all they give her is the male uniformed officers name.

The police said they were sending the dog to the nearest station – which Neha believed would have been Stoke Newington or Bethnal Green.

Neha called these two stations straight away and was given no information at all. Due to her sickness and the stress of this situation, Neha was hospitalised 4 hours after this incident.

In the next 2 weeks Neha called every day around the 2 local police stations, talked to one sergeant in particular who tried to help. No-one knew where her dog was!

She received no phone calls to the number or letters to the address registered on the microchip.

After 2 weeks trying to find her, Neha finally she discovers Riya was actually taken to Tottenham Station.

Who THEN gave her to the Dog Warden – Which is in the Borough of Haringey – BUT as we now know they DO NOT have a dog warden and it’s all managed by Waltham Forrest Dog Team – WHO DID NOT CONTACT NINA REGISTERED ON THE CHIP!!!

Citizens Advice Bureau have been helping and have written to Waltham Forrest Warden – but as yet they have had no reply.

Riya was then passed to the Rescue Waltham Forrest Dog Team use….. She was sent there as a STRAY and The Rescue say – as A Stray They are not required to check chips etc – that’s the job of the Dog Warden!!

Neha has called the chip company to lock the microchip but the chip company said the dog has a NEW NAME and has been registered to someone else and they can do nothing to help.

Dogs Trust have been helping Neha and they have said – you didn’t give your dog away and you didn’t sell her – they advised her to somehow change the chip back and register Riya as stolen. A Seemingly Impossible Task.

RSPCA have also backed Nehas version of events and said they would never take a dog whilst someone declaring and looking like they were the owner was present.

Neha bought her from a licenced reputable breeder who will stand by Neha as the lawful owner.

Riya was Insured when she was taken.

Riya’s was registered and up to date with her vets.

This is all classed as proof of ownership – and a Microchip is not, but in this case the chip was registered to Neha and up to date.

Neha has been very ill lately, in no small part due to the ongoing stress of this situation and has had to concentrate on getting better. So all involved have simply not taken her seriously at all.

This must change now.
Bring Riya Home

As you know we are waiting for our first #FernsLaw petition to receive a debate date in Parliament. We are asking the Government to make it compulsory to check microchip registration by vets, rescues and authorities: This petition is now closed: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300010

As a backup we have started another petition to #MakeChipsCount by streamlining the microchip databases to a single point of contact and to make scanning and checking microchips mandatory. Please help us get to 10,000 signatures to get a Government response by signing this #FernsLawPart2 petition:- https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/551556

#ScanMe #PetTheftReform

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