Please help me !!!!!!! Major microchip problem #FernsLaw #TheftByFinding

Please help me stop Petlog from changing my microchip registration, I want my cat back home with me! #FernsLaw

Lincolnshire police have taken 4 weeks to tell me they consider it a civil matter so will do nothing. They suggested I contact the police in Essex where the cat was stolen from which I will do tomorrow.

I have until 2nd September to find out where Blakey is or the kind caring people at Petlog will change keepership to the thief!

Please if u have any ideas or know any animal loving police officers or solicitors who may help me get in touch. Spread the word to any pet owners u know that a microchip is useless in this situation. Petlog are hiding behind data protection instead of doing the right thing.

I am going out of my mind trying to get my boy back :(

I need everybody to know there is a major problem with the microchip situation in the UK. Please forward this to any animal lovers or anybody you know who might be able to give us legal advice. My cat went missing 8 years ago and I reported him missing to Petlog. I have recently received a letter from Petlog to do transfer of keepership on him. I rang up to protest and was told I had to object in writing which I did by email. I then received an email stating that unless I can resolve the situation within 60 days they will transfer keepership to the finder/thief. How can I resolve the situation if I don’t know where the cat is and Petlog won’t tell me. Somebody did try to change the chip before during a family bereavement and I told Petlog under no circumstances could the chip be changed as we wanted the cat back so this is now theft by finding as the finder quite clearly knows that we want our cat back. At that time they agreed to put a note on his file saying detail must not be changed but that was removed as can’t stay on there indefinitely?? So basically Petlog will not help us as the owners who purchased the chip. The only way forward is police or a solicitor. The whole situation is farcical I am devastated. So basically anybody can pinch ur animal and just decide to claim it! Please share share share share!


In law our cats and dogs are regarded as property, goods and chattels, personal items.

We mark our ‘property’ with a unique microchip number.

If you are contacted by the microchip database about your microchipped pet and the pet is not returned instantly then this is proof that your property is now stolen.

Theft By Finding: Basic definition of theft.

If someone has kept your pet and takes possession of your ‘property’ but fails to take steps to establish whether the ‘property’ is genuinely abandoned and not merely lost or unattended, this is construed in law as ‘Theft By Finding’. (By law you must report a found dog to the local animal warden).

Steps to take to get your stolen property returned:

• Contact police, inform them your marked property has been found, and the people holding your ‘property’ want to keep it.

• Get a Crime Reference Number (CRN) Do not stop phoning or going to the police station until you get this.

• Police have a duty of care to retrieve you stolen uniquely marked property for you.

• The normal procedure would be for the Police to send in a Data Protection Release Request to the vet and/or microchip database if necessary, to obtain the name and address of the people holding your dog or cat. They in turn would supply the police with all the information for them to determine if they are going to continue investigating this as a Crime.

Police can then check with the microchip database when you flagged you dog or cat as missing and how long you have been actively searching for your property.

If you have been found to get your pets microchip registration data changed then this is prove in itself that you were reachable when you pet first went missing.

Register you pet as stolen on – they have police coordinators who will help you.

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