Vets4Pets need to get the ‘Out Of Hours’ service sorted, it’s not acceptable to treat a customer and their dog this way #AnimalWelfare #VetTeam


Imagine paying £650 for a pet plan for your dogs to ensure they get everything they need as standard, done, and supposed to discount any treatments your dog needs throughout the year. To then have an emergency out of hours that could be life threatening so you ring the emergency practice, only to be told my plan wont transfer cos its at a different practice than i usually go to (same company though so same pocket), not only that they would want full payment for a consultation (£60 that comes free in my plan) plus any treatment he will need after the consultation, id have to pay up front or they wont do the treatment (could be anything up to a couple grand potentially if surgery is needed) which i physically dont have available on the spot. Baring in mind ive gave these arseholes £1000 in 4 days for an x ray, scan and some medication for the exact same dog for something that might not even be a problem but i wanted to be safe (unrelated situation to todays).

Now, after a lifetime on the phone im at the position where the head practioner at Vets4Pets in Birstall, Leeds has told me i have a few options:

Option 1 – Pay upfront (physically impossible, especially when they have no idea how much it would be til hes there)

Option 2 – Euthanise my dog on the basis I “cant afford” the treatment like i haven’t just paid them a grand and other bits recently.

Option 3 – Sign ownership of my dog over to the vets until Friday when i said i could get hold of a couple grand by, if i dont pay they put him down.

Now im quite fucking easy going 90% of the time but right now im feeling like going to the vets n smashing everyone in there about the f@*# gaff cos im on the edge of going mental. Gave them over £2000 in a matter of months and theyre still trying to exhaust me for more, leaving me with a choice of refusing treatment or using my dog as collateral like its f@*# cash converters.

Beg someone who has real knowledge of what i can do helps me out


So after 9 hours of absolute mayhem and stress, the boy has finally been treated by PDSA in Bradford, hes sore and will be for a few days but atleast hes alive and not in the hands of vets4pets. Cant even express my gratitude for everyone thats helped and has offered their help going forward with the vets4pets issue i now have.

Gonna cook him some mince for being a brave boyo all day and let him get some kip 

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