If you have a microchipped dog or cat please ask your MP to attend #FernsLaw debate in Parliament on 28th June 2021, to reunite lost and stolen microchipped pets

MPs will debate Fern’s Law petition in Parliament on Monday, 28th June 2021.
(Template letter for your MP below)

Please ask your MP to attend.

It’s really easy to write to or email your MP and your help will go a long way in getting their support: here’s what to do:-

To find your MP, just click on this link:- http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/ and enter your postcode and hit next to find their addresses.

If you have a missing dog or cat please send your MP their details and you’ll know what to say!

Template letter:-

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Subject: Fern’s Law debate for checking microchips to reunite stolen and lost pets

Dear ____ MP,

#FernsLaw debate in Parliament on 28th June 2021.

I’m contacting you to ask you to attend Fern’s Law debate in Parliament, after the petition reached the 100,000 signatures target, asking the Government to ‘Make it compulsory to scan and check microchip registration at pets first veterinary treatment to reunite sold on stolen dogs and cats: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300010

This is something that has been assumed as ‘already happening’ as there is a legal requirement to microchip our dogs. The public at large have been sold the microchip system to protect their pets should they be lost or stolen, with a logical expectation of reunification. Best practice to check microchips is only a recommendation and falls short of any directive or Standard Operations Procedure.

If there is a legal obligation to microchip our dogs, cats to be included soon, then there should be a legal obligation to check microchip registration at veterinary first treatment, rescues to cross check microchip registration on surrendered pets and authorities to check all seized dogs, microchip registration.  It’s the only chance a missing dog or cat will have to get home. 
I have microchipped my dog with the expectation to be reunited, as stated by Defra.

George Eustice, Secretary of State, Defra quote: “Every responsible dog owner wants to know their pet is safe. Microchipping will not only reunite people with their lost or stolen pets, but also help to tackle the growing problem of strays roaming the streets and relieve the burden placed on animal charities and local authorities….We are a nation of dog lovers and microchipping is crucial for both good dog welfare and to provide dog owners with peace of mind.”

This is far from the truth!

Defra have not yet published the results of their Cat and Dog scanning and microchipping Consultation, which included Fern’s Law questions and closed on 17 February 2021.

In Defra’s ‘Action Plan for Animals’ they  promote ‘Compulsory Cat Microchipping saying ‘Microchipping will ensure you are reunited with your lost or stolen cat as quickly as possible’ – but are only looking at the microchip system to scan healthy dogs prior to euthanasia to check for rescue backup – not to reunite sold on stolen pets!: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/985332/Action_Plan_for_Animal_Welfare.pdf

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) upgraded their Code Of Practice to include checking microchips on healthy dogs prior to euthanasia, in May 2021 (Tuk’s Law).

Focus On Animal Law’s (FOAL) response: It seems a very uncomfortable position to us that identification of a registered owner only becomes relevant either a) when elective euthanasia is requested of a healthy dog, or b) as also suggested, on discovery of a deceased dog. Microchipping can do so much more. There is also a potential trading standards issue. Every one of the microchipping companies and databases state that their microchip will help reunite stolen or lost dogs. This is inaccurate and misleading” https://www.thefoalgroup.co.uk/vets-get-scanning

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) have continuously stated they do not support compulsory microchip checks on animal welfare issues, because of stopping a pet thief from seeking veterinary care for the stolen pet, in cases where there is dual ownership and protecting victims of domestic abuse, in cases where the vet would be passing a client’s details on to a potential perpetrator.

Obviously there are procedures in place. If a microchip is confirmed as missing after the registration check, all the vet clinic has to do is inform the microchip database, as they are the data holders, they in turn would contact the registered keeper. Pet thieves don’t steal pets to love and care for them, they will be used, abused or sold on and GDPR compliance would prevent vets from passing on clients details to anyone other than the data controller.

BVA will report dogs taken into their clinics with cropped ears.  We believe this is a double standard, this surely raises the question that they use as an excuse not to check microchip registration at first vet visit – stopping cropped eared dogs and stopping stolen pets from getting veterinary treatment? (Stolen pets are usually sold on to unsuspecting new families)   Petition and debate in Parliament on 7th June 2021 #BanTheCrop https://www.bva.co.uk/news-and-blog/blog-article/why-it-s-high-time-we-put-a-stop-to-the-ear-cropping-trend/


RSPCA, DEFRA, BVA, RCVS and many others are supporting ‘Animals are not Objects’ to make animals Sentient in law,  with Defra promising change: “Much like us, sentient animals are aware of their feelings and emotions. Their lives matter to them and they have the same capacity to feel joy and pleasure, as well as pain and suffering.”  Stolen dogs have feelings too! https://www.rspca.org.uk/getinvolved/campaign/sentientbeings

The Kennel Club’s position on Fern’s Law:- We are supportive of the provisions laid out in Fern’s Law petition, which would mandate compulsory scanning and checking microchip registration upon first presentation at a veterinary surgery. Such measures are important to ensure that lost or stolen dogs have a higher chance of being reunited with their keepers.

The thought of my dog or cat being taken into a veterinary clinic with another family and there being no microchip check on the original microchip database fills me with fear. How families with missing microchipped pets are coping knowing this information I dread to think, having all hope taken away from them, of ever being reunited with their precious pet.

Pet theft is now being taken seriously by the Government who have instigated a Pet Theft Taskforce, working towards #PetTheftReform and ways to stop this devastating crime. I hope the way microchipping is being misused will also be addressed. If there is a legal obligation to microchip our dogs, (cats to be included soon), there should be a reciprocal legal obligation to check microchips.

Dogs are stolen purely for monetary gain, used for breeding, returned for a reward or ransom, many are sold on to unsuspecting families, these are the dogs that could get back home if microchipping was being used the way it was intended.

For more information on the Fern’s Law campaign, please visit: https://vetsgetscanning.co.uk

The campaign started in May 2006 when Sir Bruce Forsyth’s daughter, Debbie, had her dogs stolen.  Both dogs being seven years old and neutered were sold on, and it’s only because of Sir Bruce’s fame and huge media attention both dogs were found and reunited.  Debbie was told that ‘microchips don’t help to reunite stolen dogs because vets failed to check microchips at pets first visit’ by Jayne Hayes, founder of Doglost.co.uk, the largest UK service helping to reunite lost and stolen pets.  Having been a victim of dog theft and experiencing the devastation caused, Bruce and Debbie started Vets Get Scanning and vowed to help others who were not able to tap in to the help they received  to get Widget and Gizmo home.

Fern’s Law petition also includes the need for rescues to cross check relinquished and seized pets along with local authorities to check stray and deceased dogs and cats.

It’s compulsory to microchip our dogs but optional to check microchips.

I look forward to your reply with hope that you will be able to attend the debate, supporting me and the Fern’s Law campaign to help reunite stolen, microchipped dogs and cats with their rightful families, by making it a legal obligation to check microchip registration at pets first veterinary treatment.

Kind regards,

#MakeChipsCount #ScanMe #CheckThatChip #VetsGetScanning