#FernsLaw: REPLY Dear BVA, SPVS, RCVS, BSAVA, BVNA, please don’t let us down again!


We are extremely disappointed as we have just been sent the latest letter to your members and sadly once again you have turned your back on clients needing your help!

Pet owners up and down the UK have been promised by the veterinary professionals, ‘Piece Of Mind’ if they microchip their pets.

Devastated owners are shocked to find out you don’t support a system you help promote and sell.

It’s imperative you include checking the original UK database and stop giving vets the opportunity to opt out in helping reunite missing and stolen dogs and cats. There should never be an option when you can help missing microchipped pets get home!

This is #FernsLaw suggested update to your letter to members on 20th August, 2019 (see their letter below):-

Dear Member,

We all know that vets play a key role in helping to reunite lost or stolen animals with their owners, and there should be no excuses as professional’s when choosing to scan a microchip and check the original UK database registration.

In response to some criticism of the profession from campaigners for compulsory scanning we’ve updated our position, in partnership with BSAVA and SPVS.

In addition to scanning and checking microchip registration on first presentation, and when presented with a stray animal, we’re now recommending that veterinary practices should scan and check:

• Annually as routine to ensure that the microchip is still working and has not migrated significantly and help clients update their contact details on the original UK database and double check the microchip is registered.

• On admission for treatment or hospitalisation where appropriate, as part of good clinical practice to ensure that the patient is matched to original UK database.

• Prior to euthanasia if no microchip registration has been checked on original UK


Please note there is a single online point to check which microchip database to call: check-a-chip.co.uk Also an automated telephone service:- 0203 7738398

Where there is an ownership dispute or an animal is suspected stolen, we advise you to follow the RCVS Client confidentiality and microchipped animals flowchart.https://www.rcvs.org.uk/document-library/client-confidentiality-and-microchipped-animals-flow-chart/1microchipping-flowchart.pdf

Best wishes,

To SIGN #FernsLaw to get the changes needed to help missing microchipped dogs and cats back home: http://chng.it/Zt48N9qbgZ

Copy of letter sent from BVA on 20th August 2019.