#FernsLaw petition gathers support from other owners with missing microchipped dogs and cats.

Did you know that when a vet (or anyone with a microchip scanner) checks your pets microchip…all it gives them in return is a number (unless they have one of the Halo scanners which will also flag if a pet is registered lost or stolen).

Thousands of pets walk through the door of vet practices and rescue kennels across the country every week…how many are scanned? How many have their chip numbers checked against the databases to find out if that pet is listed missing or stolen? The answer…very few.

Teddy and many other long-term missing pets, could have walked into a vets in the seven years he’s been missing, and nobody would ever have known it was him…even the person holding his lead.

It needs to stop. Microchips are a wonderful invention but they are not being used for what they were intended.

Take a moment to sign this petition…I know petitions like it have popped up many times over the years, trust me, I’ve signed every one that’s been shown to me. But perhaps this time we can make something happen.

Maybe this time #FernsLaw can bring some of our lost family members home:- http://chng.it/Zt48N9qbgZ

When you next take your pet to the vet, ask to have their chip checked! Make sure your details are up to date and make sure you know where that chip is located, microchips tend to move from the space between the shoulder blades where they are originally implanted (I have one whose microchip is close to his elbow, and another whose microchip is almost all the way around the front of his chest).

Teddy has been missing 12th August 2012.


It’s that day I’ve come to dread every year…rolled around once again.

Don’t get me wrong, no day passes when I don’t think about Teddy. It doesn’t get ‘easier’, the hole is still there, it’s never going away. But this day just brings it all back to the forefront, every minute of that horrible evening, every ‘what if’ and ‘if only’ rattling around my head.

Seven years and here we are.

Teddy…did you know you’ve got three sisters now? One will be turning seven years old soon too…you’ve never met her. You’d like your sisters, honest! They’re naughty and cheeky, just like you were. I’m sure you’d have loved running through puddles with them. They could never replace you, though, and we would never want them too. You are still, and always will be, our miracle baby.

Sometimes I wonder if I was selfish…you defied death once after all. Were we always living on borrowed time?

Still, selfish or not, I wish I could see you, all grown up. I bet you’re super handsome like we always knew you would be ;) I bet you have lots of adoring fans wherever you go (do you get to go out? I hope you do). I hope you still have that soft and loving temperament, always good for a fluffy puppy cuddle. I hope, if you made it, that you lived your best life with your family…even if that family wasn’t us.

You’ll always be our dog, our boy, our miracle, our ‘Teddy Bear’.

But I can’t do this anymore. My head is telling me it’s time to let go, even if my heart is still tightly holding on.

Wherever you are, whoever holds your heart now…I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re loved as much as we would have loved you, do love you. Forever and always.

Goodbye, my baby boy.


Edited to add: as always, I am astounded by the support, the empathy and the response that this post has received. Even seven years on there are people sharing who have followed Teddy’s story from the very beginning and I cannot express in words the gratitude I have for you all. Thank you, to every single person who took a moment to share; for all of you who have kept Teddy in your hearts and your memories for all these years. Most of you I have never met, some of you I wish I had met under happier circumstances…but each and every one of you has kept me going all this time. 47,000 people have seen this message in the 24 hours since it was posted. That’s all thanks to you.

Thank you.