Check your pet’s microchip is registered : Another microchip disaster!

Boo Smith: “I work in a vets and whilst scanning a little pups chip this morning told the owners that the chip was not registered to anyone. They then showed me an email from PetScanner confirming their receipt for chip registration.

This was not showing up on ANY database. All it told me was that it was an Identichip microchip.

I phoned Identichip who confirmed the microchip was not registered to anyone. Then I phoned PetScanners, they said they have all the details and that it should come up in searches.

My boss then contacted Defra who say that a PetScanner registration should show on the 13 databases.

I’m worried if other vets are checking microchip registration dogs with chips that if lost and scanned will show up as not registered with any owner!!!!!

I’m hoping you can make this publicly known.

Anyone that has microchipped pet needs to get their vet to scan and look up their microchip registration and make sure owners details are there.”

PetScanner say: “The problem lies with Identibase and not any part of the PetScanner system.”

Vets Get Scanning are behind a new petition:

Create a single database of microchipped cats and dogs & make scanning mandatory

There are two major flaws with the current compulsory microchipping system: optional scanning & the lack of a single database. There are 13 microchip databases on the government list, independent commercial enterprises, different processes & no interest in creating a central standardised register!More details

To confuse matters further, microchipping databases which do not meet government standards continue to trade, and often rank highly on search engines. If you register on an unlisted database, not only can you be fined £500 but your pet’s microchip will read as unregistered when scanned.

The Government should introduce a single database of microchipped cats and dogs, and make it compulsory for chips to be checked at 1st veterinary appointment.

Boo went on to say: People really need to check details are correct. Almost every other dog I scan has out of date details.

Owners have to take some responsibility too.