Cat missing for 12 years finally makes it home! This is why we need #FernsLaw

From time to time you read amazing reunited stories, this one caught our eye and we thank Melissa Boyd for sharing this one on Facebook Page Rescue Kitties. (RK):

18 year old Jack is no longer with us – but, WAIT, this is as happy an ending as we’ve ever had. It’s a story about microchipping your pets, about always scanning cats, and, on this beautiful Spring evening, a story of happy ever after being a possibility for all.

On the night of the 28th of February Jack was rushed to the vet. His ‘owner’ had been admitted into care and surrendered to a volunteer as he needed urgent care himself. The story could have ended that night – if the emergency vet or volunteer scanner had scanned the cat, but it was not to be.

Instead, Jack was found a foster space with another rescue. This would still be a short story if they’d scanned him on admission. He was not. For a long, long two and a half months he stayed there, unscanned. Through multiple vet visits, at different vets; unscanned.

Just under two weeks ago, he came to us. We got him an emergency vet appointment – blood tests, the infamous urine test, eye drops and a bout of explosive diarrhea filled our first 48 hours living with Jack. Amongst it all, he was scanned.

Through all this RK (I mean, I say RK, it was Amy, because it’s always Amy who fields the nasty messages and gives the rest of us space to do our jobs) was getting dozens of messages demanding the cat be returned to the other rescue, calling into question our standard of care and the sister of the vulnerable ‘owner’ demanded he be returned to their family.

Unphased, in the background Amy Lee and Angela Hoy were doing their job – they had a chip number and began the hunt to find an owner – who, it turned out, was not the person that had surrendered him! Eventually, we were able to get hold of the owner and… to our surprise: Jack was not Jack, Jack was Buster! Buster had not been missing from February, he had been missing for 12 years! Buster was a much beloved family pet who had simply never come home one day. The lady off whom he was taken when she needed care had kept him as an indoor cat, so he’d not been able to make it home – a mere few street away.

We will never know what happened 12 years ago, but tonight we took him home. Home to his human family – some of which had not been born when he left. Home to his little brother, now a distinguished tom of 16, with the most fabulous moustache. Home.

This is a happy ending – it is living proof that microchipping your pets works. So, microchip your pets. But it is also an important message to all those of us who work to rescue cats – always, always check for a chip. It should be the very first thing you do. Melissa Boyd

Buster could have been home three months ago, and maybe sooner if during that 12 years he had attended a veterinary practice.

It’s time the Government made it compulsory for vets, rescues, finders and authorities to scan and check microchip registration to reunite missing microchipped pets. Please sign #FernsLaw petition now as time is running out to reach 100,000 signatures:-

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