Why do we need Pet Microchip Reform?: #FernsLaw

After your dog, cat or horse disappears by accident or theft the most devastating news you will be told is that ‘It’s not compulsory to scan and check microchip registration on new pets at veterinary practices first consultation or at yearly health checks and rescues don’t automatically cross check hand-in or seized pets!” Basically that means that if your microchipped pet has been sold on or kept by unsuspecting new owners, they will not be found and returned to you – is that what you were led to believe about the pet microchip system?

My recent presentation at a the meeting: ‘Microchipping The Next Steps’ outlines the problems faced by pet families searching for their precious pets.

A new petition to support owners has been started as Defra, Government department, are holding a consultation on the Compulsory Dog Microchip Regulations, where they will be looking at the system in place now and if any changes are needed to improve this chaotic excuse of a reunification service!

Please sign #FernsLaw petition as we will present it to Defra with out detailed account of the present systems failings: http://chng.it/pKPKg255