The system is there but ….. it’s not being implemented. #FernsLaw

Rags disappeared nearly 8 years ago and it hurts like yesterday, feels like a life time of hope and despair.  What changed in your life 8 years ago come 2/9/11? Did you find a funny, loving, energetic terrier?

My vet told me if Rags was sittings under her missing poster in the waiting room, he still wouldn’t scan and check her microchip registration!  

Caroline Keys has worked tirelessly to get the veterinary professionals to engage and help reunite missing dogs and cats, as many other families do and are left distraught with disbelief that the microchip they believed would help to reunite them is disregarded by the very people you trust.  

Daniela Dos Santos, British Veterinary Association (BVA), Vice President said to The Sun newspaper:- “Making vets enforcement officers risks compromising trust between vets and owners and could deter some people from accessing vital care and treatment for their pets. Scanning microchips could also present a risk to the client, for example if someone fleeing domestic abuse has their details passed on to a former partner who registered the pet”.

Why did you microchip your dog or cat?


Did you find Rags? A plea from Caroline. 

Did you maybe pick her up apparently lost on the roadside, or apparently abandoned at Frankley Services on the M5 2/9/11. Or maybe bought her “in good faith” since? Or know someone who has? At the time she was wearing a Tuff-Stuff blue fabric competition collar (no dangly tags) which had her postcode embroidered on it, though that was very faded.

She would now be 14. She is a female terrier cross, bright gold curly coat, with white running from under her chin, down her chest and over her tummy. She has a short upright tail, and half pricked ears which blow back when she runs. She has a cute “sit up and beg” and many other tricks. She loves agility, and her most favourite hobby is swimming – she leaps into water from a distance, and swims in anything – canals, rivers, the sea, anything.

She came to me off death row via Manytears Rescue, and bonded very deeply with my other dogs – she lived with them for 7 years – yes she was very young when she came here. I am sure she is alive because I believe the others would not still be grieving if she had died – they would know. They knew when my Mum died in hospital, they would know about Rags – this loss they do not understand. Since she left, they have suffered with immune system failures resulting in weird health issues. Three have died, too young, the other one……..still misses her, isn’t well.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME – OR YOU – if you have her, you know her as lovely, funny, infuriating, adorable and you must love her deeply too. If you have her, please, please let her meet her surviving friends again while they are still here.

You can talk to me anonymously though K9searchuk or Doglost; we could let Rags and her one surviving friend meet with a third party present to ensure that everything was ok – that I didn’t kidnap her, and you didn’t take her mate. 
Please, though, give her this chance. If her friends have suffered this much with the parting, I can only imagine that she feels the same. If you love her, let have meet her friend again, so she can understand and be at peace, not checking everyone she meets who likes like Ragsie.

CONTACT: 0121 476 1828 or 07905 472810
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