Stolen SIMBA taken to vets after being found in locked car!

Some one has stolen Simba and his puppy from the house this morning please share this he is 18months old and the puppy is 12weeks old not even had 2nd jabs yet, they have let them selfs in and taken puppy from her cage and my baby boy from kitchen!

Simba and the puppy were stolen on Thursday 20th July, 2017 from Exeter, Devon.

Puppy handed into vets! Home safe and sound.

Thank you so much for all your help, support and shares. Simba was found in a car by police in Southampton and is now waiting for his owner to collect him from the vets.

Simba collected and now home safe and sound. massive thankyou to everyone one on facebook for sharing and all your support, big thanks to Dani Newson for all your shares pics ect and Mia Williams for taking me to collect him (pics of simba, bruno, and kiara) Oceannia Clair Tara Taylor. 24th July 2017.