K9 UPDATE 20.09.21 – We have been contacted by a family that found a dog in May 2019. The dog had been scanned by a vets for a microchip but no chip was found. The finder was told that Smokey was a Pitbull and was advised not to call the dog warden because he would be put to sleep. Recently a relative of the family found our alert for Smokey and thought he looked very similar to the stray that had been found. We were sent several photos of the stray dog and we were able to match that dogs markings to Smokey. Photos were sent to owner and they were able confirm it was Smokey. Sadly the owners are unable to take Smokey back due to a change of circumstances and they have agreed for Smokey to stay with the finder as they are satisfied that he has a nice home and is happy.

A message to all these breed specific experts, keep your gobs firmly shut unless you actually know what you are talking about. Incorrect information stopped Smokey going home 2 years ago.

MISSING from Sheldon Heath Road, Sheldon B26 on 18.04.19
SMOKEY, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, male, blue with white chest and paw
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