Missing Richie was found but microchip database failed to inform owner

REUNITED UPDATE Owner was not informed that Richie had be found and scanned!!

'A very hurried message to say I'VE FOUND RICHIE!!!!!!!! I'll fill in details shortly but late for work. Oh my god I can't believe it.
He's not at all harmed, healthy and very happily sitting in a vets in Romford!
His chip was checked at 2.30 am Sunday but they failed to flag this and notify me. Pure chance that I checked again just now and discovered where he was.
I'm so happy!!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone. I can't express how much all your help has meant to me and my family. Xxxx"

Original post:- Missing Dog: Brentwood, Essex CM15

My dog Richie has just escaped out on to the Ongar road near the secret nuclear bunker-
I woke to the bell but not got to it in time.
I think he has been picked up and taken for safety.
If you hear of a dog being found please can you contact me. He lost his name:number tag last week.
I've posted to surrounding area selling/chat pages.