Microchipped Yorkshire Terrier Sophie was rehomed and owner denied reunification 6 years ago!

Dogs Trust failed to check Sophie’s microchip details despite being told that she had been picked up as a stray three years previously and Avid the database failed to contact the registered keeper/owner before changing data details.  Who is to blame for Eileen and Sophie not being reunited  and why can’t we get changes to a microchipping system in place today which is letting responsible dog owners down. Please sign our petiton!

Thank you to DogLost who have shared this story with us:-

On 1st August 2003 my microchipped and tagged Yorkshire Terrier, Sophie,
disappeared. Sophie had been a gift from a work colleague who owned
Sophie’s mum and dad. I already had Tilley, a poodle, and I was
delighted that she now had a friend. The girls often came to work with
me and Sophie soon lived up to her reputation as being the naughtiest
pup in the litter. She was such a character and everyone who met her
couldn’t help but love her. She was an escapologist and when I had to
leave them in boarding kennels to go away I was told, on my return,
they had had to move her to another block. The owner had come in one
morning to find her wandering the corridors. He told his staff off for
not securing her kennel door but when the same thing happened again the
next day they realised she was climbing up like a cat and over the top.
On occasions she managed to escape from my garden but would run round
the front and wait on the doorstep, to her it was a big game. I live in
a quiet village in the Rhondda Valley and in those days many dogs would
be out and about during the day and things were pretty safe. I had
extra trellis added to the top of the fences and this stopped her
escapades. One day when I came home at lunchtime she had gone. The
trellis in the garden was damaged and she had escaped. My next door
neighbour saw her at the front door just after 12 midday but the little
minx would not come to her. I got home at 12.30 and there was no sign
of her.Despite a massive search, flyposting, banners, newspaper appeals,
rewards offered and endless searching she was never found. I did
voluntary work with children during the school holidays and the kids
were amazing. We made huge banners out of sheets and hung them along
the main road going through our village. I reported her loss to the
chip company, AVID, who logged it on their system.Over 8 years has gone by with no news on my girl. Years spent
wondering and worrying what had happened to her. How could she have just disappeared? Follow
ups were done in my local paper on some of the anniversaries of her
loss but all the calls I received were either false alarms or hoax
calls. The worst being the sick individuals who rang to tell me they
had Sophie and all the dreadful things they had done to her.I did everything I could to find her and when, through searching for
Sophie, I became aware of the appalling situation regarding homeless
and unwanted dogs in Wales I started my own rescue. Friends of the
Animals RCT grew from my despair at the loss of my dog and heartache
for all the other dogs that were homeless. It grew and grew and now has
many helpers, all of us volunteers who have rehomed hundreds of dogs
and other animals. Last year I realised one of my dreams when our
rescue set up RCT Lost and Found. A free service to residents of RCT
and surrounding areas to help reunite them with their missing pets. I
understood the pain and thanks to the sponsorship of a wonderful Porth
couple we launched on August 1st, Sophie’s anniversary. All of this in
memory of my dog.This last week Sophie has been on my mind even more than usual. I don’t
know why but it may be that I have two Yorkshire Terrier bitches on
foster with me. Their owner is very poorly and no longer able to care
for them. I contacted DogLost an amazing online resource for the
owners of missing dogs. I had registered Sophie with them all those
years ago and they very kindly updated Sophie’s thread.On Wednesday morning and after some searching for the paperwork, I rang
AVID to give them some extra contact numbers. I realised pretty soon
something was wrong and was in total shock and disbelief to hear that
Sophie had been re-registered to a new owner in 2006. She had been
rehomed by Dogs Trust, an organisation I have the highest regard for,
and they had sent in a change of ownership form. No call had been
logged on the system by anyone inquiring about the dog implanted with
the chip and all that had been received was the new owner details on a
change of ownership form. No one contacted me to inform me my dog had
been found. I have spent the last two days in a state of shock. Dogs
Trust are carrying out an investigation and will get back to me
sometime today.All I know about Sophie is that she was re- registered as Scruffy in
2006. I am overjoyed that my girl was found and that she ended up in
the care of a reputable rescue who would have taken every care in
finding her a home but how did this happen?
I was led to believe on talking to the chap from AVID that this is not the first time something like this has happened. He was very sympathetic and understanding but unless you have suffered the nightmare of losing your pet how could you understand. I am angry that Sophie and I should have been reunited back in 2006. That I have been robbed of the joy there would have been if I had been contacted to say that after 3 years my dog was coming home. I feel bereft, I feel that the horror of those original months has come back but more so. Coming home each day and thinking maybe she would be on the doorstep. All the false alarms, all the hoax or nasty calls. the months and then the years of thinking about her, worrying about her and blaming myself for not getting her spayed.I feel despair and I feel anger. I should have had a call in 2006 to
say Sophie had been found and she should have come home to me and her
best friend Tilley and I would have been saved a further 5 plus years
of heartache and worry. She would have come home to a houseful of new
friends, all rescues and all either oldies or members of our Wonky Dog
Club. A group we set up to help very sick or damaged animals and some
of the very wonky ones stayed with me.How could a system put in place to protect owners and pets have let me
down so badly. How many other owners have not been reunited with their
pets because procedures were not followed? I feel I have been robbed
twice, once by whoever had Sophie from 2003 until 2006 and failed to
report it and get her scanned and a second time in 2006 when no one
contacted me to tell me she had been found. I am praying that Sophie is
alive as it would be too cruel to think that she has since died.I am awaiting the answers but in the meantime if you have a lost pet
please contact the chip company again and again. I believed that once
my dog was logged as missing on the database there could be no
mistakes, how wrong was I. A mistake I will have to learn to live with.
Very sad update from Eileen:- This is the story of my dog Sophie who disappeared on August 1st 2003. By sheer fluke I posted on my own page last year regarding Sophie and a friend shared the post. It was spotted by someone on her friends list who came forward to say she was the person who adopted Sophie in 2006. Sadly Sophie had died two years previous to this so I never did get to see my dog again. I did though receive a couple of photos of her in later life.