Dog thief in Devon changed dog’s appearance in attempt to disguise him to keep him!

Last night (4th August ’17) my boyfriends family dog, Dylan, went missing, presumed run away, from a house on Holt Heath near White Sheet car park in Dorset. The search was widely publicised on Facebook by the family.


This morning it was discovered that the dog had been found by a woman who only notified the owners that she had him because she was encouraged to do so by a friend who had seen how much it had been shared on Facebook in the area, otherwise she had clearly been planning on keeping him.


She had SHAVED him (down to the skin in places and he has multiple nick wounds on him!!!) which was clearly an attempt to change his appearance so that people wouldn’t recognise him!!


Please please be careful with your dogs in this area, the family were really upset by the whole thing and Dylan is traumatised, he hasn’t been himself at all and hardly welcomes the family when he saw them as he was withdrawn and upset. I have included photos of him before and after the ordeal.


Everyone keep your eyes out for this lady please, she clearly doesn’t shy away from stealing dogs away from their own driveways and changing their appearance in order to steal them!!