Update on reunited Hot Chocolate Cocker and how a vet who checked her microchip registration found out she was stolen #FernsLaw

This update is written by Cockers family:-

It’s time to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you that shared Our Girls Posts in the two years and two months she was away from us.

She might have been on a great adventure or she could have been in a terrible place but we will never truly know, because although she is as close to a human a dog can get she is still unable to tell us the whole story. And in truth we don’t want to know because all we wanted was her to be home and she is ❤️

Please don’t speculate how or where or when our girl came back to us.

Just know that after two years and two very long months that we got a call out of the blue. A call from a vet very local to us to say that a lovely couple had taken Our Girl in to have health check as they had just taken ownership of her. The vet asked all the right questions and this couple were open and honest in saying that they had just got Our Girl and wanted to take care of her. The vet scanned Our Girl and her chip flagged up as Stolen.

The couple were mortified as they too had instantly fallen in love with Our Girl because of her nature.

The call rocked our world. It did not seem real.
The family together went to the vets and in an instant we knew it was definitely Our Girl.

As delighted as we were to have Our Girl back in our arms, tears were shed on both sides as this couple had to say goodbye to this little bundle of pure love. The reward was not accepted so was donated to help try and bring another stolen dog home to its family.

The couple were extremely lovely and how we cried because we know the gaping hole that will be left now Our Girl is back home

The photo taken a few days ago shows just how happy our youngest daughter is, now her little snuggle monkey is back. You guys helped put that smile back.

Every message and every share gave us hope and we lived in that hope from day to day. We bought a little white cocker spaniel ornament nothing big or grand but it stood proudly by the incense burner and each time we went to light the incense, the little cocker ornament was picked up, kissed and a small prayer said.
Now we have our girl and we hug and kiss her for real

Our Girl is living her best life and is never out of our sight. She lives like she has never been away and we get that smile from her every morning but somehow it seems much bigger

For all of you out there suffering from the loss of your furry family member be a they were stolen, we will endeavour to help where we can. We will share posts and give hope and empathise with the pain.

Just keep believing like we did and one day we hope you get the miracle you pray for and that your little one will be home and safe xxx

God bless you (whom ever your God may be ) Never stop believing and live in hope
With Love From
Our Girls Family and Our Girl


This vet was a special vet who went that extra mile to check Cockers microchip, the difference this has made to her and her family is unmeasurable and the consequences of not checking are unthinkable but happens all the time!

Help us help more dogs like Cocker get home and make it compulsory to scan and check microchip registration on the original database to reunite stolen pets and sign #FernsLaw petition:- https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300010

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We love reunited pictures