It could be so different out there for dogs like Angel if there was a will to do so #MakeChipsCount #FernsLaw #ScanMe

Dawn’s dog Angel was stolen on 6th December 2012 from Barugh Green, Barnsley, S75 area.

Dawn has continuously supported the campaign to make it compulsory for the veterinary profession to check new pets microchip registration at first treatment, in the hopes that Angel would find her way back home. It was always her only chance to be reunited 

Dawn was so surprised by her visit to her pet’s vets in May’23, she took to Facebook and wrote:

I’ve just dropped Rita off to be spayed and as part of the pre op blurb they advised me if her microchip wasn’t in my name they couldn’t do the op and did actually check it was in my name ……. How good is that and about time ! A little late for Angel but thinking positive it may help reunite a few

This is excellent news! This is exactly what we as pet owners expect but we need all veterinary clinics to act in the same way. As you know individual vet practices set their own practice policies and here lies the problem!

While Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and (BVA) only offer a recommendation of ‘Best Practice’ guidance to check microchip registration, it’s up to each practice not a direct instruction at the expense of millions of customers across the UK.

It maybe too late for Angel, owners are fully aware that time is not on their side, and it’s now nearly 11 years since Angel was stolen. The microchip is the last piece of hope for many people still searching for their missing dogs and cats.

What have we been doing to help get legislation to make it compulsory to check pet’s microchip registration at first veterinary treatment: We got RCVS to produce guidelines for the veterinary profession about scanning microchips and procedures if a missing pet was found, we raised awareness that there was a need for a microchip scanner that could give an alert that a pet was missing (Halo Microchip Scanner). Successful petition, which led to a debate in Parliament, there were two Defra microchipping consultations! Will there be any improvement to the Compulsory Dog Microchipping Regulation apart from adding cats?

Dogs are not stolen to be loved and cared for they will be used, abused and dumped when they have fulfilled their usefulness – many dogs are sold on to unsuspecting new families, these are the dogs we could get back home. When will microchips help stolen pets?

ANGEL : Female German Shorthaired Pointer Liver And White (Age: Adult)
Missing from Old Wagon Road/ Cawthorne basin, Barugh Green, Barnsley, S75 area, North East on Thursday, 6th December 2012

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