Stolen SNUGGLES back home after vets checks microchip registration on first appointment ❤️ #PetTheftReform

Stolen SNUGGLES reunited after vet scans and checked microchip registration on her first appointment ❤️ This is something that should be made mandatory as vets continue to set their own practice policies and pet families and MPs assume this is happening #PetTheftReform #ScanMe #CheckThatChip

Watch the YouTube video below.

In the recent Pet Theft Debate, George Eustice, Defra Minister referred to pet microchip scanning and ownership. He said there was a ‘presumption’ that the Veterinary Profession scanned and checked microchip registration at a Pets first appointment, to help reunite sold on stolen pets. This is not the case as the British Veterinary Association and The Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeons only RECOMMEND as Best Practice scanning and checking microchip registration and vets set their own practice policies – will MPs be made aware of this as template letters continue to misinform constituents?

Watch Snuggles story on this link:-

I am snuggles owner . She is home and well . She is a little stress but her coat is damaged but apart from that she seems well ..

I would like to tell all . It had been a long and painful road but she is home and I am the luckiest person in the world today

I would like to thank you all at lost dogs for your support and help in finding my baby ..

special thanks goes to annett she had been my rock throug this whole ordeal . She supported me in so many way I can never thank her enough ..

And OMG 😮 Wayne u are the best .

We are so blessed to have u on our side .. all the work u have been doing and continue to do . Thank u all again and to all Those that have lost a pet or had one stolen take it from me .. u will get them back at some point it time so pray and be hopeful


Police retrieved Snuggles who was stolen in January 2018. Reunited June 2018

Owner Michelle is on her way to Acton police station to collect Snuggles.

Last month the chip company wrote to her to request ownership transfer despite having Snuggles marked as stolen…they would not divulge the details of the  new “owner” So Wayne stepped in and made sure there was an officer assigned to the case, applied for a transfer of information and liased between the  two police forces to get a warrent which was executed today.

Owner Michelle is over joyed and making her way to Acton police station to collect him…more photos will follow…she would like to thank everyone for helping her.

Follow Snuggles DogLost timeline here…

Special thanks to Wayne who has spent over a month working on this behind the scenes.