STOLEN OLLIE REUNITED ❤️ Beware of the opportunist thief!

DOG RETRIEVED! He had indeed been stolen and thanks to your kind shares and word of mouth we have managed to get him back! 
May I add PLEASE be vigilant, this person was an opportunist, it only took 5 mins and then he was on a bus with our dog onto the other side of town. 

PLEASE be careful out with your own dogs and thanks again for all your help. 

EDIT- 20:48 Neighbour has brought round CCTV footage, boys have made a make shift lead!!!! If you recognise these boys please let them know we miss and want our puppy back PLEASE

Original post:-


 My pup has just run out of the house looks like one of the kids left the front door open.

My partner ran into the park as soon as he could and saw someone taking him away! He tried following him but lost them!

11th July 2017. 

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