What beautiful sight! My brother and his girl Sky have been reunited after a shocking ordeal!! he will be doing his own massive thank you’s later but a personal thank you to all my friends who shared and showed support. This is when the power FB is just amazing! Thank you!!!!! 

Make it compulsory to scan and check microchips to reunite missing and stolen dogs:-


PLEASE SHARE – AGAIN. Thank you everyone for your concern for our dog, Sky. After intensive investigation we have found out that she went to Manchester Dogs Trust (Denton) and we believe that she has been re-homed from there following no vetting procedure whatsoever. The manager, Dawn stated that due to her being so affectionate and well behaved (of course) no assessment of her was necessary.

She could literally have been ‘moved on’ in a matter of hours.
The photos show Sky at the Dogs Trust which prompted us to phone. I have been told that they cannot release any information. I gave the full chip number so they clearly know that she belongs to us but the barriers are still well and truly up!
Proof of ownership is certain and can be proved. Dogs Trust Manchester have the opportunity to do the right thing and facilitate the return of our dog but refuse to do so… I’m absolutely certain that all is not what it seems, or should be. Wheels are in motion to get to the bottom of this ridiculous procedure/policy and highlight any wrongdoings. There are a few people involved who need naming and shaming.
Please share far and wide any external influence will not do any harm.