REUNITED BRAM ❤️ Stolen Geneva Woods in Darlington, County Durham, 20th July’17.


I am editing this post to let everyone know that, after an emotional rollercoaster ride which lasted six long days and longer nights, we have been reunited with our Bram. Having followed up on various leads, only to be disappointed, we finally got the good news that we have been waiting for.

She was found wandering loose in a village called Heighington some several miles from Darlington. Picked up by a local resident and taken to the nearest vet's who scanned her. A great example of why every dog ought to be microchipped.

Whomever stole her had changed her collar and everything. Presumably she ran away from them when she was taken for a walk in that area. Who knows? What I do know that our little girl is back home safe and sound.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have liked, shared, or commented on my post. The response has been extraordinary from family, friends, and thousands of complete strangers.

Although my wife and I have been distraught with emotion the warmth, concern, and compassion that you have all shown have kept us firm in our belief that we would get Bram back. Who knows, maybe the person who had her cut her loose because she was becoming too hot to handle due to all the activity on social media.

So I will sign out with a huge, heartfelt thank you to you all. Love and respect, Marc ❤. 26th July'17

Original post from owner with more information:-

It would appear that our dog Bram isn't missing but has actually been stolen from Geneva Woods in Darlington, County Durham.

She was last seen sat down beside my car waiting for me. Somebody has passed by and taken her otherwise she would have still been waiting for me when I returned to the car or else she might have walked the 600 yards back to my house.

I have reported her stolen to the police and am setting everything possible in motion to get her found. Can everyone who lives in the region please share this post. I am determined to get her back and I will be relentless.

She has been both spayed and chipped so she will have little commercial value. If the person who has her reads this, or, if you know someone who might have taken her then do the easy thing and drop her off at the nearest vet's saying that she's just been found.

I would like to thank everyone who has shared and commented on mine and my wife's previous posts. Your help and support has been comforting and very much appreciated. — at Geneva Woods.

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