Petlog Unveils Crowdsourced ‘Welcome Home’ Video To Mark National Microchipping Month, June, 2014.

Petlog has today launched its ‘Welcome Home’ video featuring crowdsourced content from dog owners across the UK to promote National Microchipping Month. 

The video made of clips of owners being welcomed home by their beloved pets aims to highlight the importance of dog owners keeping their contact details up to date with their microchipping database to ensure dogs have the best chance of being reunited if lost or stolen.

The video accompanies the database’s Lost Pet Map which was launched to highlight the high number of dogs that are currently still missing in the UK – there are currently 16,122 dogs that were reported missing between 2003 to May 2014 that have yet to be reunited with their owner.

Petlog, the UK’s largest lost and found database asked people on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter to send in videos of their dogs greeting them at their front doors.

Petlog, which is managed by the Kennel Club, worked alongside Banana Split on the video.  The production company compiled the crowdsourced clips for the final film to promote National Microchipping Month – which takes place throughout June.

Celia Walsom, Petlog Executive, said: “The Welcome Home video highlights the heart wrenching experience that dog owner’s face when their dog goes missing. A dog is a part of the family and we encourage people to check their contact details are up to date during National Microchipping Month to give them the best chance of being reunited in the event that their dog is lost or stolen.”