Owner has to prove ownership of microchipped cat! Isla the cat took a ride in a van and escaped when the door was opened! Camberley, Surrey.

Wonderful update after advice given. Isla is back home where she belongs. 14th November 2019.

Message from owner:- So after 7 months of being missing, Isla is safely back in the Voss household where she belongs!!

We were contacted on the 7th November with the news that Isla’s family had been contacted by Isla’s microchip database, Petlog, to say ‘Isla’s new owners wanted to update the microchip registration in their name and this would be done automatically after 14 days.’

Joy that Isla is alive!

Shock that I’m not automatically getting my ‘flagged’ as missing microchipped cat back home!

Panic, what do I do to get my microchipped cat back home.


In law our cats and dogs are regarded as property, goods and chattels, personal items.

We mark our ‘property’ with a unique microchip number.

If you are contacted by the microchip database about your microchipped pet and the pet is not returned instantly then this is proof that your property is now stolen.

Theft By Finding: Basic definition of theft.

If someone has kept your pet and takes possession of your object but fails to take steps to establish whether the object is genuinely abandoned and not merely lost or unattended, this is construed in law as ‘Theft By Finding’. (By law you must report a found dog to the local animal warden).

Steps to take to get your stolen property returned:

• Contact police, inform them your marked property has been found, and they want to keep it.

• Get a Crime Reference Number (CRN) Do not stop phoning or going to the police station until you get this.

• Police have a duty of care to retrieve you stolen uniquely marked property for you.

• The normal procedure would be for the Police to send in a Data Protection Release Request to the vet and/or microchip database if necessary, they would then supply the police with all the information for them to determine if they are going to continue investigating this as a Crime.

Police can then check with the microchip database when you flagged you dog or cat as missing and how long you have been actively searching for your property.

If you have been found to get your pets microchip registration data changed then this is prove in itself that you were reachable when you pet first went missing.

These steps were followed and Isla is now safely back home.

Is this how you thought the microchip system worked?

Please join us and sign #FernsLaw petition to support owners searching for their microchipped pets. There are many loopholes in the system that work against pets and their families:- http://chng.it/pKPKg255

Update today:- Petlog have contacted owner as someone wants to register Isla in their name!

Police are aware. Watch this space! 7th November 2019.

Original post:- As of today (Wednesday 17/04/19), Isla is still missing, so please keep an eye out for her.

Please, please can you keep a look out for our cat! Isla, our black medium/ long haired cat took a ride in the back of a van this afternoon (11/04/19). When the back of the van was opened in Ferniehurst at the bottom of Waverley Drive, Camberley, GU15, she shot out and disappeared.

If you spot her please contact me via my Facebook account. Attached are some pictures of her. She does not wear a collar but is micro chipped.

07717 510560

Doglost link:- https://doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=142654