If #FernsLaw was implemented I could have Clooney back in my arms and our lives complete.

I am Clooney.

I was the happiest, most secure and joyful little Siamese on the planet. 

I was very loved.

I was stolen. 

And I want to go home.

I have been failed by everything my mum believed she had put in place to protect me. 

I have a microchip.

I have been waiting nearly six long years to be called Clooney again and I don’t understand how two different vet surgeries had my chip number, looked at my details and yet I am still not back where I long to be….

Where I belong. 

My details told them I am Clooney. It said how old I am, that I’m male and neutered. It told whoever was looking at the screen where I lived, who my mum was and how to contact her. 


The vets say they don’t have me on their system….  How can they not have a record of me? I know my chip number was searched using their vet code and login and some people read that my mum was missing me. Why did they have my chip number? My mum knows it wasn’t an error because no other search of an alternative chip number was performed at all.*

Why must I wait to be found? I thought I was found.  I thought my microchip would speak for me…. 

I am Clooney and my mum is broken. 

Can you please help me get home?  

If you are as horrified as I am at the failures out there please help us with just a signature. We simply can’t let the system fail our precious family who have been taken. We need to amend our laws to help protect them and we need much tougher penalties. 

Please sign and share #FernsLaw petition it could help me get home:- http://chng.it/hxW952ry



Male Cat Cream With Black Points (Age: Adult)
Missing from Hemblington, near Norwich, Norfolk , NR13 area, East Anglia on Thursday, 13th June 2013
Police investigation is in progress. 
CONTACT:  07932 662731 
Help us find CLOONEY MAY BE IN RAINHAM KENT OR DOWNHAM MARKET NORFOLK – print this poster from https://www.doglost.co.uk/poster.php?dogId=58136


Call Doglost in confidence: 0844 800 3220


Facebook Page:- Clooney Clarke 

*Info supplied by Clooney’s database company

Message from Clooney’s owner:-

We are fighting hard to find out what happened but we have a situation of denial and pointing the finger at other agency flaws. The vets believe it’s the database company at fault and the database company say it’s an indelible footprint linking the data access to the vets. The police have ‘investigated’ which in reality is nothing more than asking a few questions and accepting the answers without worrying about the contradictions or the culpability. I suspect this is because they don’t want to allocate resources for a cat and are simply box ticking to close the case as quickly as possible. The ICO (Information Commissioners Office) have opened an investigation of their own re a potential GDPR breach and have issued questions but are similarly accepting answers that don’t make sense because further questioning takes precious resources. If compulsory scanning and checking the database for keepership and all the other issues had been law, like enforcing all agencies to inform owners, Clooney should have been home where he belongs.