Hamish is reunited after 2.5 years via his microchip.

HAMISH IS REUNITED AFTER TWO AND A HALF YEARS THANKS TO THE MICROCHIP. ‎Darren Kingsmill‎ to Portsmouth Cats Lost, Found & Rehomed

— with Natalie Kingsmill.

We posted on here 2.5 years ago, as well as many other lost and found sites about our missing cat Hamish. A very much loved cat who just vanished with no trace out of the blue. Today we recieved a call from a vets in Hordean some 9 miles from where we live to say someone had brought a cat in and they had scanned him and it was Hamish after 2.5 years missing. We honestly couldn’t believe it as we had given up hope a long time ago. It just goes to show how important micro chipping your pets is. He is now home and resting and already eaten loads. He also totally remembers us which is a bonus. Some good news in some rubbish times. Never give up hope on finding your missing pets. Natalie Kingsmill

Reunited after 2.5 years 😻😻😻Microchips are everything when reuniting missing pets. We want compulsory microchip checks on pets 1st veterinary practice consultation and at yearly health checks to find the thousands of missing pets that have been sold on, found and kept or rehomed! #FernsLaw petition https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300010