Fireworks are the biggest cause of spooked and bolting pets disappearing!

Fireworks:- More dogs and cats disappear at this time of year than at any other, sometimes with shocking consequences  after being spooked by fireworks and we fully support this petition to ‘Review firework rules to protect animals from injury and distress’

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It’s just another bit of the jigsaw to keep our animals safe.

Fireworks can cause serious distress to animals. They don’t only suffer psychologically, but also physically as many attempt to run away from, or hide from, the bangs. With extreme noise levels and people being able to let off fireworks any time of year, it’s difficult for those who care for animals to be able to put measures in place to protect their animals.

This is why Julie is calling for an urgent review of firework regulations to further restrict their use, as a step to preventing needless animal suffering.

Around 40% of dogs are fearful of loud noises such as fireworks, meaning thousands of animals’ lives are made a misery by random fireworks, some starting in early October in the run up to Guy Fawkes night and continuing until the following January.  




Many missing microchipped pets are never reunited! 


Even if microchipped you may never get your dog or cat back home.  #FernsLaw petition:

#FernsLaw is asking that ALL animals taken to the vet practice for the first consultation and at annual checkups have their microchip registration checked on the original microchip database to establish if a pet is reported as missing and to make sure owners contact details are up to date.   It’s a crazy situation. They make us pay for microchipping but then no-one is obliged to scan.


#TheftByFinding is a big problem for pet owners.  Finders does not mean keepers!  That found disheveled dog or cat could have an owner searching for them and the reason why we microchip them because that makes them traceable to bring them home to us. 

Check your pet’s microchip is registered on a UK database with up to date contact details on