Finder and stray cat sent away by vets?

Recently my young microchipped cat went missing for 6 weeks, was found 2 miles away, taken to a branch of our own vets practice (who had added her to their missing list). Finder and cat were just turned away and told to go to the RSPCA.

The finder contacted Cats Protection and was advised to go to another vet. That local vet then immediately scanned her and rang me. I have written to my own vets who have now sent me an apology and an explanation that in June they had restructured their stray dog and cat policies but on this occasion the staff had misinterpreted the policy.

Please lets keep the pressure on to persuade vets to first scan all pets as a matter of course. It must even save money once animals are reunited. My own little cat has needed vet treatment since being returned but I go to the vets who scanned her.Ask your vet if they check database registration on new pets taken into them, as a stray or with an owner #ScanMe and #CheckThatChip