#FernsLaw point 8:- Statement on bogus UK pet microchip database

SCAM WARNING:- Is your dog, cat, horse or any other domestic pet registered on this microchip database ‘UK Pet Microchip Database’. If your pet is and they go missing in the UK the microchip will show up as unregistered. This could result in your pet being rehomed or put to sleep.

To ASA – This database advertises as The United Kingdom’s Pet Microchip Database. It is non-compliant with Government microchip registration laws, and is not recognized by DEFRA. Microchips registered with them come up as “unregistered” on search engines for UK legal microchips. Defra are unable to move against them because they are USA based. They come up first on a search for microchip registration on Google, and the picture below appeared on my MSN feed. They are responsible for the failure to reunited many missing dogs, because they are getting people to pay to register with an non-compliant database.  

The UK Pet Microchip Database are advertising false claims, beware:- 
SCAM WARNING:- Do you need to register your pet’s microchip?
Register directly with Pet Chip Registry and display your contact information whenever your pet’s microchip number is entered. This international database is available for any authority, animal shelter, veterinarian and for public use in all of the United Kingdom. UNTRUE. 

You can check which database you’re registered on here:- check-a-chip.co.uk

Link to uk regs here:- https://www.gov.uk/get-your-dog-microchipped

Link to the #FernsLaw petition:- http://chng.it/pKPKg255