#FernLaw: Have Ruby & Beetle been found and kept, Theft By Finding?

Ruby and Beetle disappeared presumed stolen, or picked up and taken (theft by finding) on the 28th December 2018. It is inexplicable that despite all the searching and the thousands of people in our Facebook group all willing to help and look, that we have not had any joy yet to find them.

#FernsLaw would help get ‘theft by finding’ kept dogs and cats home.  If a dog or cat is taken to a veterinary practice the presumption is that the pet presented to them on the 1st consultation belongs to their new client!  If no microchip check is mandatory the missing pets will never get home.  Please sign this petition http://chng.it/Zt48N9qbgZ

“Saturday 7th September 2019, 35 weeks, 254 days missing…! 

I have just been spurred on to write this post by seeing someone’s Border Terrier on Facebook and it’s first encounter with a hedgehog.

Ruby had an unbelievably annoying ability to find a hedgehog. We live in the country and the amount of hedgehogs we had to rescue after Ruby and Beetle had happened upon them…. they would bark and dig and bark and dig and the sensible hedge hog would ball itself up to protect itself. We only needed to hear the 2 of them to know exactly where they were and what they were up to… Oh how I miss those sounds, those acts that would see me roll my eyes and go to the hedgehogs rescue.. we don’t know where they are, maybe, just maybe whoever has them lets them have fun and run free and do the fun things that Terriers enjoy doing? 

This week has seen many dogs that have recently been stolen or missing, being found and returned to their owners. To watch the reuniting is for me, one of the hardest parts, as yes, how I wish that it was us..

I’m always so pleased to read re-united and found, it gives us hope that there are some happy ever afters…

I know as a group you always say you don’t get tired of my posts, tired of me asking for your help, to share my posts, or spread our story.. as kind as your words of support and comfort are, I do know that there are some who don’t wish to hear about Ruby and Beetle anymore. I read the threads, I see the comments, I know it’s been 8 months and we’ve heard nothing, I know, because I’ve lived every day of those 8 months every 254 days hoping and willing them to be found.


To hand over the £5000 reward to get my little dogs back. One or both, anything to make my family smile again.. to return some normality to our home life, we all miss them terribly. It’s the not knowing, the what if’s, why’s and where’s?? 

Where are they sleeping tonight Mum?

How are they being kept?

What do think they’re beds are like?

Do you think they’re still together??

How can you answer them questions to a child, when you haven’t got the answers?? 

I wander if the people, persons who picked up Ruby and Beetle are aware of the devastation they caused, that 8 months down the line we haven’t given up looking..

I won’t and can’t give up hope of being re-united with them. It’s the only thing on all our wish lists..

If you could help by sharing my posts and if you want me to send you out some posters to hang up in Public Places please PM me your addresses and I’ll post some out..

Help get Ruby and Beetle noticed by spreading their story and faces all over…. 
England  –  Ireland – Scotland – and Wales 

 RUBY and her daughter Beetle are Female Border Terriers Reddish/Brown (Age: Adult)

Stolen from Teviot Smokery near Kelso, Scottish Borders, TD8 area, Scotland on 28th December 2018. 


They may not be together and could be anywhere by now! 

CONTACT: 07989513946 or 07885712165
or call Police Scotland on 101. 

Ruby on Doglost:- https://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=138712 

Beetle on Doglost:- https://doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=138714


Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/357753078107883/?ref=share