# BringLokiHome: My cat was stolen and unlawfully rehomed in only a week! #FernsLaw #PetTheftReform

Pedigree Maine Coon of 7 years old disappeared on Sunday May 17th and, after two weeks of frantic owner searching, turn out to have been catnapped (on that very day) and rehomed within days of this to a new family.

Loki is MICROCHIPPED. If you recognise Loki please call 020863887428 or Metropolitan Police on 101

No news yet, sadly. We are working hard with the police to get this resolved ASAP to reduce any stress on Loki as much as possible. The poor mite must be so distressed.

There aren’t many positives but at least he (should) be safe. It IS heartbreaking though; like one of your kids being taken. 

I don’t know when/if or by whom the chip was checked, as Petlog will only tell that to the police. He was chipped, though.

There is no legal obligation for rescues, vets or authorities to check microchips. Make it compulsory for rescues, vets and authorities to scan & check microchip ID to reunite stolen & missing dogs and cats:- https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300010

Theft By Finding is a serious crime and we need #PetTheftReform to be in place to protect our pet from petsnatchers https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300071