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With the help of Debbie Matthews Founder of  VetsGetScanning.co.uk, we have drafted a template letter which we would ask you to please copy and paste and send to your local MP asking for their support now and in the future for a change in the microchipping laws in the U.K. The impact of multiple emails and letters coupled with the knowledge that this issue is not going away until our pets are safe will be a clear message to parliament that our pets are family and family comes first 👊 #TuksLaw

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MP letter:-


I am writing to you because of my concern on the current Microchip of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015. In April 2016 it became compulsory to microchip dogs to help reunite straying dogs, to save both time and money to local councils and animal welfare organisations. There has been no regard for missing or stolen dogs that maybe seized, hand-ins, found or sold on. With dog theft at an all time high, no one should assume the keeper with a dog is the registered keeper on the microchip database.

Since 2016 there has been a sharp increase in pet theft and an increased awareness of the need to keep our 8.9 million dogs currently residing in the U.K. safe. The current concerns relating to the microchip law is that with so much pet theft occurring and the increase in the U.K. population supporting adoption from rescue centres the current legislation is no longer fit for purpose and not covering all areas in the need to reunite owner and pet.

There have been many high profile cases of missing dogs both on television, newspaper articles and on all forms of social media which highlights that current concerns revolve around lost and stolen pets being scanned should they have been found (theft by finding is a criminal offence) but having been potentially sold on that upon presentation to a veterinarian who is not familiar with the animal there is no legal obligation to scan for a microchip and to check the status of the animal (lost/stolen).



In the case of rescue animals there are concerns that whilst dual microchip registration to include the rescue contact details should the animal be placed in a vulnerable situation through an owner change in circumstances the rescue is not afforded the opportunity to further support the dog. Tuk was a young rescue dog who was euthanised in the UK whilst having full rescue back up, a dual registered microchip and by an individual who was not registered on his microchip as having the authority to destroy him.


With the publication of recent statistics from Direct Line relating to pet theft (link below) we can see that the way that the microchip system was originally designed no longer fits into the world we currently live in. We can no longer rely on microchipping our dogs as a guarantee to be reunited with those who we consider to be part of our family.


We do know however that used in the way they were intended microchips do work. When scanned they bring joy and relief to those who have lost or stolen dogs who are presented to a veterinarian who does scan them and brings closure to the dark moments whilst searching for their family member. This is confirmation that microchips are wonderful tools when scanned is one of the reasons that has led to the current microchip petition above which I hope you will support.




As my MP, I am asking you to call for stronger action on how microchips are used in today’s world. I believe that mandatory scanning of microchips will benefit all pet owners, the insurance companies who spend considerable amounts of money advertising and assisting in searches, and to help prevent the unmeasurable suffering and distress caused by having a dog stolen.

Please support the campaign to match owner with dog by raising these issues with David Rutley MP, Under Secretary of State at the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and meet with myself and others to discuss our concerns.

Recently we have seen a change in how our pets and working animals are viewed with both Finns Law and Lucy’s Law being passed. This is proof that campaigners and MP’s working together can make a difference. We hope you will challenge both the government and DEFRA strongly and support a positive outcome in keeping all our pets safe by supporting Tuks Law which will encourage more people to microchip their pets and keep their details up to date on the government recommended microchip databases.


Best wishes


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