Where has ALFIE been?   REUNITED after 4 months.  Harrow 

ALFIE has been found about four minutes away from where he disappeared nearly four months previously – WHERE HAS HE BEEN? 
ALFIE, Male West Highland White Terrier, Adult. He disappeared from the rear garden in Harrow, HA3 on 10th January 2017. 
Reunited on 2nd May 2017. Post from owner on Doglost:- 

He’s been home an hour, seems quite scared, he has a deep cut on the back of his neck where his microchip is, he has also had all his fur shaved off and just in general seems tired and hurt. Thank you all for the support. We’ve booked his vet appointment and he’s just been washed and is now sleeping, thank you x 

Contact 07904187074 / 07717840531

Doglost link:- http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=110086#.WQjCCLR4WhB